A message from Sahiyo

Hello Sahiyo followers, friends, and supporters.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for coming out in such large numbers and taking forward our goal to end Khatna.

We have recently received a lot of media participation in creating awareness and thanks to them, this issue is now garnering the attention of Bohras from all around the world. However, we would like to add that our media interviews are done with the sole intention of reaching out to the community members, and not as a publicity stunt or public relations exercise. As an organization, we try our best to convey to the media what the aims and goals are of Sahiyo.

We as co-founders of Sahiyo, stand united against khatna. But our objective is to do this with the cooperation of our sisters without alienating or judging them. Sahiyo was, is, and will always be an organization that operates from knowledge, gathered within the community, and not merely on the basis of opinions or feelings harboured individually or as a group.

With that said, our khatna online survey is still open to all Bohra women who are 18+ years of age – regardless of whether or not khatna has occurred to you or whether or not you agreed or disagree with the practice. So please feel free to fill it out the anonymous survey as we are on the last stages of compiling and analysing the data received. If you would like the link to the survey, please e-mail us at info@sahiyo.com.


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