A Short Film on FGC – ‘The Good Girl’- Written and Directed by Insia Dariwala

Arva was a young girl who just wanted to go to the park and enjoy a beautiful, bright morning with her aunt. Instead, she was taken to a dark room, her legs spread apart and her voice smothered, while a sharp razor cut off the ‘sinful’ part between her legs.

Arva was only seven.

Today, 32 year old Arva is an esteemed gynaecologist, helping other women respect their bodies, despite the fact that she struggles with accepting her own.

For the past 25 years, Arva has desperately tried to heal herself from the scars given to her by the women she trusted.”But is it so easy to unknot yourself from the people and traditions that are deemed to be the essence of your identity?

Watch this space to learn more about ‘The Good Girl’ written and directed by Sahiyo Co-founder Insia Dariwala

A gut-wrenching short film that peels the layers surrounding the barbaric practice of Female Genital Circumcision, when Arva comes face to face with her cutter. The woman she used to lovingly call, Faiji.

Coming soon! If you have questions about the ‘The Good Girl”, please e-mail info@sahiyo.com.

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