I was cut, my daughter too, but it stops with my granddaughter

Age: 58

Country: India

I was 7 years old when my grandmother told me that she is taking me out. I was so happy and dressed up quickly, expecting to be given some goodies. Instead, I was taken to the house of a strange lady who frightened me when she pinned me down. And after that, what I remember is howling, crying, acute pain and everyone around pacifying me. The whole day passed with agony and I was afraid to pass urine because of the pain.

I kept on asking my mother and grandmother about what was done to me. The only answers I got: it was for my good and I would be fine soon.

However, as I grew up, I was enlightened about “Khatna” as an Islamic tradition, which was also performed on my younger brother. Later, when it was my daughter’s turn, I had to quietly go along with our religious tenets.

Now, my granddaughter is 6 years old, and for her I will not support the practice of khatna. Now I am convinced that female circumcision only results in agony and pain for a girl child, with none of the benefits it is claimed to have. Also, not all Muslim communities practice it.

Moreover, I am happy that NGOs like Sahiyo have brought this issue to the forefront and are getting worldwide support.

One thought on “I was cut, my daughter too, but it stops with my granddaughter

  1. M

    Just to clarify, this is not an Islamic tradition at all. Yes, some communities practice it – just like certain African tribes do. However, this practice is based on culture alone and elders due to their lack of understanding Islam have made this a religious issue and mixed the two together.

    Thank you for writing about this topic especially since it’s such a taboo in many communities (even when they know this practice is wrong)

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