Want to help us end female genital cutting? Vote for Sahiyo in the Shared Nation Contest!

Since 2014, Shared Nation has provided an online platform for citizens all around the world to come together in order to solve shared global problems like poverty, climate change, and refugee crises. Shared Nation embraces the lessons of history, which has shown that when people act towards shared goals, they can achieve extraordinary things.

This month, nominated by Gina Li,  Sahiyo will be one of the projects participating in the August 2018 contest to be voted on to receive the digital community’s combined funds. Each month, general voting takes place for the first three weeks of the month, and in the final week of the month, a winner is selected from eight quarter-finalists.

What’s great about Shared Nation is that every participating project will be offered a small percentage of the pooled Shared Nation funds for taking part, but one lucky organization receives the vast majority of the funds.

If you would like to help Sahiyo become the August 2018 Winner, sign up for Shared Nation and vote today!

To sign up for Shared Nation and Vote for Sahiyo, click here. If you can’t pay that $2 fee, they will provide a free sponsorship for you.

You can also “favorite” Sahiyo and increase its ranking and visibility! 

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