Dawoodi Bohra Resolutions Against Khafd/Khatna (FGC)

We want to commend the religious leaders of these Dawoodi Bohra Jammats for taking a public stance against Khafd/Khatna/FGC. By publicly stating that their Jammats (congregations) do not support it, an important first step has been taken to truly ending this form of  gender violence. Thank you.

If you know of a Jammat that has also publicly condemned FGC and it is not listed here, please send us a pdf or picture of the resolution at info@sahiyo.com.

We are putting up these resolutions for educational purposes, for raising more awareness about the fact that Bohra jamaats in many parts of the world are asking their members to stop khatna. We believe it is important for ALL Bohra jamaats to come out with such resolutions, even in countries where there is no law against FGC yet.