Sahiyo Resources


Sahiyo Brochure – Learn about Sahiyo’s work

FGC Information Brochure –  FAQs around FGC or khatna amongst the Dawoodi Bohras


Sahiyo’s Online Exploratory Survey Results – A two-pager documenting highlight results from Sahiyo’s online, exploratory study documenting the prevalence of khatna amongst Dawoodi Bohras women on a global level.

Understanding Female Genital Cutting in the Dawoodi Bohra Community: An Exploratory Study – The report contains the full results and analysis of a detailed online survey of 385 Dawoodi Bohra women from around the world. This survey was conducted over a period of six months from July 2015 to January 2016.

A Twitter Conversation on FGC – On July 7, 2016, we at Sahiyo hosted our first Twitter chat on Female Genital Cutting (FGC) from our Twitter handle, @sahiyo2016.


A Media Workshop on Female Genital Cutting – Best Practices for Media Reporting on Female Genital Cutting

A resource guide to best practice for sensitive and effective reporting on FGC/M:With special reference to Khatna in the Dawoodi Bohra community – This media toolkit was developed to promote sensitive and effective depiction of Female Genital Cutting/Mutilation (FGC/M) with special reference to Khatna in the Dawoodi Bohra community.The toolkit will help the media (or anyone interested in depicting the issue) in avoiding factual errors, sensationalized visuals, judgemental language and unintentional vilification of the community; and to be a stronger and effective partner in furthering an end to Khatna among Bohras.


Deen and Duniya (Religion and the World) – a 2004 film by Alisha Bhagat highlights the role of women in the Bohra community.

A Pinch of Skin Documentary – 2012 Documentary by Sahiyo co-founder Priya Goswami on the practice of khatna (female circumcision or female genital mutilation) among the Dawoodi Bohra community in India. Language: Hindi, English (With English Subtitles)

A Small Nick or Cut, they say….– ‘A Small Nick or Cut, they say…’ produced by Love Matters India in 2016 and directed by Priya Goswami features voices of resistance on ‘Khatna’ or Type 1 Female Genital Cutting (FGC) prevalent in the Dawoodi Bohra community of India.