We understand that there is power in numbers, so we are asking for submissions on the topic of female genital cutting (FGC). We recognize the importance of storytelling. For this reason, we strive to let people affected by FGC share their own narratives, in their own words, and in their own time. If you have a story you are ready to share (whether it is about your own experience or experience of those close to you), please send it to us at Blog post are generally around 700 words but can be longer or shorter. Some ideas of possible topics include:
  • If you have undergone FGC or Khatna
  • If a friend or family member has undergone FGC
  • If you were spared from the tradition. If your mother, father, relative, friend didn’t have you undergo it or your family doesn’t practice it.
  • Your thoughts on why the Bohra or other Asian community began practicing FGC
  • Your thoughts on how social change will occur and the practice will eventually come to an end
  • A response to an article or event about FGC in the media
  • If you have shared your story publicly, what were your interactions like within your community and with friends and family for having done so 
If you wish to write about your story and still maintain your privacy, you can simply submit an anonymous entry or use a pseudonym. Of course, if you are comfortable using your own name, you may do so as well. We are looking for entries no longer than 900 words for the Sahiyo blog. To read past submission, check out our blog.