Voices to End FGM/C

Voices to End FGM/C is mobilizing a critical mass of storytellers and activists from across the globe by bringing people together to share and heal from their experiences of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), connect and grow as leaders in their own communities, and create short videos calling for an end to this harmful practice.

“Participating in this storytelling process allowed me to be audacious, to heal, and to denounce the way in which women’s bodies are subjected to violence.. Sharing this process with other women was a beautiful process of collective empowerment that allowed us to be visible, while using our imagination, art, poetry, music, and colours.” 

–Storyteller Su Sun

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Mariya at mariya@sahiyo.com or Amy at amylenita@storycenter.org

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Voices to End FGM/C (Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting) is a joint digital storytelling project created by StoryCenter and Sahiyo. 

In 2018, the two organizations launched an inaugural digital storytelling workshop that brought survivors of FGM/C living in the United States together to surface their personal experiences of FGM/C. These nine women’s stories elevated the conversation on FGM/C in the U.S. and the stories have been shared widely through online distribution, screening events, and via media articles. Sahiyo Stories, as the project was initially called, has been used as an educational tool to discuss FGM/C amongst survivors and within practicing communities.

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In 2019, Sahiyo Stories expanded into Voices to End FGM/C and three additional digital storytelling workshops were held, including a pilot online workshop, to increase participation of storytellers living globally, and to further our reach and capacity to highlight the stories of women affected by female genital cutting living globally.

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