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Sahiyo conducted the first-ever international, online survey of Bohra women on the subject of Female Genital Cutting. Read the full report HERE
 Are you from the media? Read our special Media Resource Guide on effective and sensitive reporting on Female Genital Cutting HERE
Read, sign and share this petition by Sahiyo and 30+ other international organisations, urging the United Nations to invest more towards research and support for ending Female Genital Cutting across Asia. CLICK HERE


Our mission is to empower Asian and other communities to end female genital cutting and create positive social change through dialogue, education, and collaboration based on community involvement.


  • To bring an end to the practice of female genital cutting (also known as female genital mutilation or female circumcision), which has been recognized as a human rights violation by the World Health Organization, United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
  • To enable a culture in which a woman/girl’s body and female sexuality is not feared or suppressed, but embraced as normal
  • To recognize and emphasize the values of consent and a child/woman’s right over her own body


Sahiyo began in 2015 as a conversation between five women who felt strongly about the ritual of female genital cutting (khatna) in the Bohra community. Our group includes a social worker, a researcher, two filmmakers, and a journalist, and all of us had already been speaking out, in our own ways, against the practice of khatna. As our collaboration grew, we realized the need for an organized, informed forum within the community that could help drive a movement to bring an end to FGC. That is how Sahiyo, the organization, was born.

Sahiyo is dedicated to empowering Asian communities to end female genital cutting (FGC) and create positive social change. By working towards an FGC-free world, we aim to recognize and emphasize the values of consent and a child’s/woman’s right over her own body. We aim to enable a culture in which female sexuality is not feared or suppressed but embraced as normal.

Sahiyo is the Bohra Gujarati word for ‘saheliyo’, or friends, and reflects our organization’s mission to engage in dialogue with the community to find a collective solution towards ending the practice of FGC. Read our expanded history here.

Read our SAHIYO BROCHURE here.


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