I AM A BOHRA photo campaign:

More and more Bohras are speaking out against the practice of khatna, or female circumcision, in the media, in blogs, on social media and, most importantly, among their friends and families. We are no longer voiceless, and we will no longer be faceless.

We believe that a girl’s clitoris should not be cut or sliced or pricked in any way, we believe that no one has a right to control a woman’s sexuality, we believe every individual has a right over their own bodies. And we are now saying this through photographs.

Join Sahiyo’s “I am a Bohra” photo campaign and tell the world why you would like the community to stop practicing female khatna. The process is simple:

  • Write up a sign or placard saying “I am a Bohra. I oppose khatna because…[insert your reason]
  • If you’re not Bohra, write up a sign saying “I oppose khatna because…”
  • Pose with the sign, click a photo!
  • Post the photo on Sahiyo’s Facebook timeline or tweet it to @sahiyo2016 or e-mail it to info@sahiyo.com.
  • (Make it your profile picture too, if you like!)

Here are some possible reasons you could cite for opposing khatna:

  • because you cannot cut a part of me without my consent
  • because no one has a right over MY body
  • I have a right over my own sexuality
  • my body is not yours to tamper with
  • I am fine the way God made me
  • my sexual desires do not need “moderation”
  • children should never be subjected to pain
  • because I love my body the way that it is
  • it is against Human Rights
  • I’m opposed to female khatna or khafd because I’m happy with my God given sexuality

Disclaimer: Please note that participation in this campaign does not necessarily mean that the participant has undergone Khatna or FGC. We are asking all those who support an end to the practice of FGC (regardless of their gender) to show their support by taking part in this campaign. We are NOT asking anyone who participates in this campaign to disclose whether or not they have undergone it. 

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5 thoughts on “I AM A BOHRA photo campaign:

  1. John F.

    I am not a bohra. I’m a lapsed Catholic who grew up in the states, I’m 50 and a male. I’m here because I’ve just heard the powerful story on This American Life about this practice.

    And I oppose khatna not only because it’s cruel and abusive, but because I am a father with a daughter. She’s nine. My every waking moment, a part of me is busy wanting to protect her, believe in her, watch her thrive and find her strength, and fall in love with her equal one day, to start a family of her own. I couldn’t imagine anybody being allowed to hurt her like this.

    There’s no way I could fully identify with what this means for a woman. But, as I listened to the story of FGM on This American Life, I do have to say that I thank the narrator — writer Mariya Karimjee — for helping me understand the deeper repercussions its had for her, later in life.

    She made it about more than the physical act of mutilation. Hearing her as a thoughtful, funny person with so many other things go on in her life has an effect a lot like seeing your pictures above… surrounded by all the other, unrelated things in your lives. We get to see the whole person. And somehow, that makes this singular act feel that much more wrong and barbaric.

    1. Thank you for your support, John. It means a lot to us when parents of young girls, like yourself, realize the impact this practice has on the psyche of their daughters. Hopefully, more Dawoodi Bohra parents will read what you’ve said and take the right decision to protect the innocence and bodily integrity of their child.

  2. Ali Ahmadi

    I cannot see the pain my daughters are being subjected to. I oppose female khatna. I dont think this was a practice at the time of Maula burhannuddin. I have to speak to the judge of the muslim legal system to get the details.

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